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you wanna tight ass aim theme....

you came to the right place

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Ok this is a community that makes AIM themes. here are a few simple rules ((and i promise im not all anal about shit so i wont snap on you))

1) Post FOUR pictures of anything ((preferably matching so it looks good))

2) Tell me your AIM screen name

3)please put all requests behind an lj cut and resize them to no larger that 300 pixels on the long side!

4) no X posting ((that pisses me off lol))

5) please only one request per week!

i will comment on your post when im done and i will put a link there you will go to that link and you will then see your theme!

and the aim s/n is only so i can talk to you if i need to ask some questions.

ok the mods in this community are
Brooke ((me)) stimpykissinrj
and Jamie singindiva